Iceland – Snow, Ice and the Northern Lights

Our 4 day self-driving trip to Iceland in Winter. Stunning waterfalls, amazing geysers, majestic black sand coastlines, pristine white landscapes, a magnificent natural geothermal spa and the dazzling Northern Lights! The most beautiful place on Earth we have seen so far!

Stunning Sintra & The Pena Palace

A remarkable and beautiful town with lush hills and valleys scattered with castles and palaces on the foothills of Portugal’s Sintra mountains. Our day trip to the town of Sintra and the Pena Palace was an unforgettable experience as we were mesmerised by the beauty of the palace and surrounding scenery.

Charming Lisbon

A soulful coastal town with an strong emphasis on good food, music and culture. Our two day experience in this incredible Portuguese city exceeded our expectations and left us wanting even more of Lisbon.

Top 5 free Apps to use on your travels

Travelling and exploring new destinations is fun and fulfulling but at times can be daunting to get around. Thanks to the smart phone today this task can be done much more easily. We have compiled the top 5 apps that we use during our travels and would highly recommend them.

A weekend in Madrid

A vibrant city with quirky and interesting architecture and monuments, a plethora of tapas bars and restaurants serving amazing food and public areas buzzing with both locals and tourists enjoying life to the fullest.

A weekend in Barcelona

A fantastic cultural experience in a relaxed and laid back city with interesting architecture, mouth watering food and extremely friendly people.

A weekend in Prague

Our weekend trip to Prague. A quaint and compact city with beautiful bridges and cathedrals, intricate paintings and pretty, red rooftops. Very easy to get around on foot.

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